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Habanero Hot Sauce From Hell Devil's Revenge Beyond Hell


Habanero Hot Sauce From Hell Devil's Revenge Beyond Hell. Don't fool around with the Devil. Southwest Specialty Foods made this sauce to enter the XXXTra hot category. It's thinner consistency makes it the hottest of the Louisiana style sauces. Just a reminder of what's waiting on the other side. Capsicum extract combines with habanero peppers to produce one of the worlds hottest hot sauces. It's time to repent.

Ingredients: Water, Habanero Pepper, Vinegar, Capsicum Extract, Carrots, Salt, Xanthan Gum, Garlic, and Spices. 

Manufactured by Southwest Specialty Food

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Girlfriend loves spicy foods.. things that would hurt regular people spicy!.. & this is her absolute favourite

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Great products. Great company.

I had been looking for the hot ones the last dab for a while now as it has been sold out most places. When I found it here I immediately ordered it. They seem like a company that really cares about your buisness with good updates and thanks from the staff. They even delayed shipping from Ontario to Vancouver until it was warm enough in the prairies that the bottles wouldn't freeze and explode in transit. Good company. Glad I bought from them. The sauce it self is mind bogglingly hot. The first time I tried it I took just a droplet and my mouth was on fire. This is the perfect thing to pull out when drinking with your friends and seeing their faces turn red. Mad endorphin rush , smiles all around. Actually tastes fantastic as well. I may add a few drops to a chicken marinade and see how that goes. All in all it's a must have, the pinnacle if heat.

More sweet than spicy

Love this hot sauce; however, it does taste more like a pineapple sauce with a hint of chipoltle spice. Perfect for that tangy, sweet, light heat amplifier for food. I personally like it best on tacos.

Tastes fantastic. I should have bought more.

Ordered 9 bottles of different hot sauces from Chilly Chiles. Great service and quick delivery. Our group of friends is very happy with the purchase and will buy more for our next hot sauce chicken wing competition.


Very good, fast shipping. Expected hotter but great tasting nonetheless


Tried this one out with my 'hot wings challenge aficionado' brother late one night on some fried chicken thigh strips in a bowl. This sauce was so delicious I drank the dregs straight out of the bowl after the chicken was eaten! I got a distinct 'dill' flavor the first time but during our hot wings challenge the next day I didn't pick up on that flavor. It was still DELICIOUS though! Definitely one of my new 'go to' sauces! yum yum yum!