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Dragon Repellent Knightmare Hot Sauce

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Art thou having trouble with dragons? Art thou tired of thy village turning to mere ashes? Dost thou yearn to rid thy self of those intolerable sky serpents? Thou art in luck! Use Knightmare forthright on gruel, herring, or leg of beast, and SAY NAY to DRAGONS! Try on shrimp & fish tacos, in soups and on chicken.

Ingredients: Green Habañero Mash (Habañero Peppers, Salt), Water, Key Lime Juice Concentrate, Salt, Distilled Vinegar, Cane Sugar, Mint Leaves, Spices & Natural Green Color.

Manufactured by Original Juan Specialty Foods

Customer Reviews

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Oh my! Where to I even begin? First of all, I never had a green habanero sauce before and wasn't sure exactly what to expect. Turns out, it's a little sharper in taste then the standard orange habaneros I'm used to. Flavour wise, I quite liked it. The addition of mint is a very nice touch. But this sauce is labelled as a 5 on 10. I assumed it was correct and poured it on as a 5. Well, it's not a 5 on 10. It's a fire breathing, brain melting, atomic powered 8 on 10!

Super spicy with an exquisite

Super spicy with an exquisite taste! Impressed for sure.

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Heat Chart
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Brutal, very hot, taste was really bad

This was just stinking hot, tastes hotter than a lot of other sauces but the heat over powers you and it is not a great taste, was good for a hot wing challenge but I would use as recommended on the bottle to just add heat to something like soup or chili if you want some extreme heat, even then there are much better choices!

Not as crazy as I was expecting but many of my friends can barely handle it :)

It really burns, the heat kicks in and keeps going up when you breathe :)

I cried... I had hiccups..... but I was expecting it to be kicking my ass more.

No ring of fire :)

Baron West Indian Mustard Hot Sauce 14oz

My fav!

This is one of my go to hot sauces. I love the smokey flavour of this sauce. Will be ordering it again.


Hot, but not just for hot's sake. Really good flavour.