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Crazy Bastard Chipotle & Pineapple Hot Sauce


Smoky teams up with sweet in this European take on the Mexican classic hot sauce,  Chipotle. Thick, silky texture, rich aroma and gentle heat makes it perfect for dipping. 

Ingredients: Onions, bell peppers, pineapple, white wine vinegar, red jalapeño peppers, Birds Eye chili, lime, Chipotle flakes, olive oil, salt 

Manufactured by Crazy Bastard Sauces 

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Marie Sharp's Smokin Marie Hot Sauce

Delicious and Sneaky

An excellent sauce. Trying it straight:
Sweet maple, a touch of black garlic - a touch too subtle since it's in the name and is my only real complaint, the strong scent of serrano with its initial kick... and the insidious reaper.
This sauce, for me, was a sneaker. The heat at first was relatively mild and manageable but soon charged up to a powerful, eye-watering burn and stayed there through a couple of minutes of water sipping. A very decent punch, even when diluted on food.

hot, tasty, amazing!!

Really amazing hot sauce.. It has some great flavor and that unforgettable scorpion stinging kick.. love it!

quick burn, very smooth decline, great taste

Surprisingly tasty, no "after shock"


It’s not lying about being hot.