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Mad Dog 357 Gold Label Hot Sauce

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This classic hot sauce comes with a tiny spoon hidden inside the key chain bullet, a little gift to take your mind away from the pain of 1 million SHU assaulting your mouth. A beautiful Reaper, Scorpion & Ghost pepper sauce base is primed with Mad Dog Plutonium 9 million SHU extract, just to add insult to injury.

Ingredients: Reaper, Scorpion & Ghost peppers, red wine vinegar, white distilled vinegar, fresh chopped onion & garlic, water, natural sugar, fresh lime juice, chile extract, xanthan gum

Manufactured by Ashley Food Co.

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Kaylee (Middle Musquodoboit, CA)

I purchased a line up of 10 sauces from “HotOnes” and purchased this sauce for the last one on the board. My boyfriend and his friend did the challenge together and it was a great night of entertainment, so much fun!

The Mad Dog 357 Gold was so hot, but actually still tasted good! And the little bullet keychain it comes with is awesome!

I HIGHLY recommend this sauce and any of the other ones! I’ve alrwasy told everyone I know about Chilly Chiles!

Jim (Belleville, CA)

Has some serious heat to it. Good flavor too

Rosie Siltani (Vancouver, CA)
Spicy as fuck it

Ita more about the heat than the flavour - its like franks red hot on crack. Love it though.

A Siddiqui (Mississauga, CA)
Excellent Hot Sauce

Excellent amount of heat, but no nasty extract taste. One of the few hot sauces that carry a good amount of heat while still tasting good.

Dylan Tellier (Edmonton, CA)
Plutonium Level Heat

Brought this to a Christmas dinner fish-fry and it was exquisite. The spice lords that were present had tasted 1 single drop and agreed it was pure heat. I had about 2-3 drops on pieces of fried fish and it was absolutely awesome. If you had a small dish of this hot sauce and DUNKED anything into it, it would melt your mouth and tastebuds. I didn't go overboard. I had about 2-3 drops per large piece of fried halibut and it was absolutely crazy. The amount of heat packed into this thing is asinine and it would be any spice lords favorite go-to for a challenge. Even a small portion of fries with 4-5 drops would be enough to satisfy the ultimate spice lord.

Although I must say, it was not the tastiest of sauces I've had. The tastier sauces contain honey or sugar and have a delay or 'offset' from the flavor to the heat buildup. This mad dog 357 is pure HEAT and it gets hotter. Once it touches your lips or tongue it burns, and when you continue to 'taste it' it just burns some more. If you consumed too much, you will both notice and regret it within mere minutes as your orifices will not stop producing fluid. There is not a whole lot going on in the flavor department, other than just pure pepper heat. I would equate the flavor profile or taste to that of jalapeno which I do not find very flavorful in itself, it's more of a heat associated with some plant based flavor which tastes somewhat like chlorophyll to me. Usually this is more noticeable in the green type of peppers where the brighter colored peppers have more of a citrus taste to them.

REGARDLESS, you can't beat this heat and this is a must add and collectors addition to the home or shelf of any spice lord that is serious about their heat. It is totally a 11/10 for heat. I will forever cherish my mad dog 357 bullet keychain with hidden mini spoon inside as a token that this sauce should be taken SERIOUSLY. This is not some 200,000 SHU sauce where you can just dunk and dab it on with pleasure. If you abuse mad dog, it will abuse you back, and for good reason.