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Bravado Crimson Special Reserve Hot Sauce

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A bold hot sauce that remains neutral enough to make an ideal all-purpose sauce for all your favourite dishes.

Ingredients: White Wine Vinegar, Scorpion Peppers, Arbol Chilis, Garlic, Sea Salt.

Manufactured by Bravado Pepper Co.

Customer Reviews

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Kristie A (Hamilton, CA)
Naturally Hot and Flavourful

Exactly what I was looking for in an 8/11 scale hot sauce. Simple, potent ingredients result in a comfortable lingering heat. Thin, smooth consistency pours/drips perfectly so you can add a single drop or a lot. Neutral enough to go with various cuisines. Delicious with curry roti (photo)!

D. Brietzke (Kamloops, CA)
Bravado Crimson Reserve

Works very well with the instapot chili I have made. I have a moderate spice tolerance and find this sauce pretty spicy but it has wonderful flavor and is not just hot for sake of being hot.

Mike Cook (Kitchener, CA)

Bravado Crimson Special Reserve Hot Sauce

James Crawford (Victoria, CA)
Great All-Purpose Sauce

Good heat, good flavour. A very standard hotsauce, nothing strange, and that's exactly what I wanted.

Dustin (Victoria, CA)
A Good All-Purpose Sauce

A good all-around sauce. The white wine vinegar features heavily, lending it a sweet, tart twist up front. A nice change from the brashness of the usual white vinegar. The garlic is around from first taste to finish without being the focal point and it rounds out the flavour. The heat is more of a general warmth in the mouth than a direct assault, and it has a pleasant pepperiness to it. It's not particularly hot, but it does warm the belly nicely. Worth a try.