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Meet Your Maker Retribution Hot Sauce

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Say your last prayers and prepare to Meet Your Maker. 100% Ghost pepper hot sauce is amplified with 5 million SHU extract, this stuff will burn you deep down to your soul.

Comes in a collectible wooden coffin.

Ingredients: Fresh Ghost Peppers, Pepper Extract, Ghost Pepper Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garlic.

Manufactured by Heavenly Heat Gourmet Hot Sauces

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joseph Briand (Angus, CA)
It's hot!

Opening the bottle, the smell hits you instantly! There was some flavour but nothing I would call "incredible taste". On the heat side of things, this one didn't hit me at first. It's a creeper. After a few bites, it got rather hot!

Alexandre (Sherbrooke, CA)
its hot but in a different way

more gut pain than mouth heat had less kick than the final answer but definetly lasted longer

Patrick Fregault (Guayaquil, EC)

awesome service for sure i will do more shopping.

MMatadar (Mississauga, CA)
The most spicy thing I have ever eaten

Bought this for a challenge with co-workers. As soon as the bottle opens the aroma is enough to make your eyes water. Just a dab on a cracker was enough to set your mouth ablaze in a fire that even the spiciest food couldn’t match. Definitely not for the faint of heart. Packaged as pictured with the wooden coffin and wax sealed bottle