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Dave's Gourmet Hot Sauce Mini Gift Pack


Dave's Gourmet Hot Sauce Mini Gift Pack: This pack contains .75oz miniature versions of our delicious:

Roasted Garlic Sauce

Temporary Insanity Sauce

Hurtin' Jalapeno Sauce

Cool Cayenne Sauce

Manufactured by Dave's Gourmet

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Sorry, I have not tried

Sorry, I have not tried the product, as it was a gift. The person receiving it though was very happy. We were amazed at how hot the products were, very good quality. Liked the variety of hot sauces in the pack.

yummy I loved Daves insanity

yummy I loved Daves insanity sauce, the other daves sauces were too weak for me, I used the garlic one in 2 meals in mash potatoes added nice flavour and the cyan one also in 2 meals could almost drink it. the jelopeno one I used half the small bottle on my pizza other half may go for a proggie dip tomorrow.

BUT Dave's insanity sauce I will buy again. and a bigger bottle,I added that to about 10 meals as you can only use a few drops per time. And wow it adds nice heat and flavour. LOL helped with my cold too.

Love you guys though well packed shipping and fast. thanks i'll be buying again after winter for sure.

Very helpful customer service and

Very helpful customer service and very good hot sauce.

Good but ne enough

Very good, but not enough spicy, small size but good for trying. My favorite is tequila-jalapeno, so good.

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Starter box for saucescribers

Loved all three sauces. Will likely re-order.

Scrumptilicious roasted jalapeno and onion relish

An amazing spread for our burgers that made our taste buds scream for more and even more!

For heatin’, not for eatin’

I love a bit of this in a bowl of any kind of homemade soup, especially pea soup. This will spice anything up. Very good.

Great taste, pretty hot

Blueberry taste is a little strong, which I like but some of my friends didn't

Best Habanero Sauce

Hot and Tasty!