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50 Caliber Heat Ghost Pepper Salt

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Contained within this authentic 50 caliber bullet, is Black Cyprus Lava Salt infused with 5 million S.H.U pepper extract and smoke dried Ghost peppers. A single crystal will add heat to an entire bowl of chilli!

Each of these 50 caliber rounds have been previously fired by the men and women of the U.S. Military during exercises.

Ingredients: Black Cyprus Lava Salt, Pepper Extract, Smoked Ghost Peppers.

Manufactured by Heavenly Heat Gourmet Hot Sauces

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Makes awesome Aztec hot chocolate!!!

Had to make an account just to comment, tried an experiment when reading a recipe for spicy Aztec hot chocolate and I replaced the required chili pepper with a few rocks of the salt and it's 100x better than I thought it would turn out, highly recommend :)

A Fun Conversation Starter

I've had experience with gimmick sauces, I've done the Last Dab, danced with reapers and scorpions on many occasions. This salt is no joke when it comes to heat.

So far my favorite way to enjoy it is directly. The smoked ghost pepper is very mild and is easily lost in dishes. You'll want to be very careful when cooking with it. If you do not mix things appropriately and give it time to dissolve, you'll have a milder dish than expected, but an extremely spicey gut.

The packaging is neat, the salt comes in a small vial tucked inside the bullet. The bottom of the bullet is glued to a piece of cork to keep it together, mine came a bit loose out of the crate. But it holds together well enough in the box, and looks great.


This stuff is really hot! I used a pair of tweezers and put 2 grains of salt on my tongue. It was the hottest thing I've ever experienced. I would highly recommend this.


50 Caliber Heat Ghost Pepper Salt

Great stuff. One Crystal puts

Great stuff. One Crystal puts killer heat in a big pot of chili. Extremely strong, use with caution for sure.

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very good

very good not too spicy perfect for taco

Great selection, packaging the shipping

The selection at your store if fantastic. The shipping is on time, with proper notification and tracking. Have not been disappointed with any of my orders so far. Much prefer to shop from your store than Amazon.

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