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FlavurLust Ume Hot Sauce

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Whether you're a hot sauce connoisseur or just enjoy spicy, delicious food, this is a sauce that's sure to delight. A bold and complex flavour profile with notes of sweet, delicious Canadian honey, licorice and plum powder is set against the sharp sting of Scorpion peppers. This sauce is a rollercoaster ride of flavours set against the backdrop of solid but not overbearing heat.

Ingredients: FlavurLust pepper mash (Vinegar, mulled vinegar, Scorpion peppers, wildflower honey, olive oil, salt), garlic, spices, plum powder (plum, salt, sugar, licorice, aspartame, neotame). Net weight: 175 g

Manufactured by FlavurLust

Customer Reviews

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Plays tricks on your tongue, this one is fun

It's a fairly liquid sauce, so be careful applying it.

As for flavour, you know that distinct feeling your tongue gets right before you get a big spice hit? This sauce somehow does that, but without the hit after. The flavour itself is nice though, robust, subtle, you can probably use this one as a classy variation of whatever you use Franks for.