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Dawson's Cremini Habanero Hot Sauce

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Earthy and fragrant Cremini mushrooms, balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and Habanero peppers mingle in a hot sauce that we predict will become a staple for the serious foodie. Perfect heat, rich, creamy and full-flavoured, it's another masterpiece from Dawson's!

Ingredients: Cremini mushroom, Habanero, balsamic vinegar, onion, white vinegar, extra virgin olive oil, garlic, sea salt, spices. Net weight: 155 ml

Manufactured by Dawson's

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Kevin (Guelph, CA)

We have loved the other good flavours from Dawson's. This one is no exception. Great mix of real heat and flavour.

Dan (Ottawa, CA)
Earthy and tangy

This was an interesting sauce. The earthy mushroom taste comes through in this tangy sauce and it has some good heat. It can be hard to pair this sauce with a dish though. It's good on pork but I find it can be hard to put on other foods.

DC (Brockville, CA)
Odd, yet tasty sauce!

Fantastic flavours in this sauce! You’d think balsamic mushroom habanero wouldn’t be that tasty, but it really is. Sauce would go very well with chicken. Quite hot though, but that’s kind of the point.

Peter Mueller (Saskatoon, CA)
not as mushroomy as expected

The mushroom flavor is pretty subtle, and there is a fairly strong acid component that comes through. Have tried on a few things that mushrooms would complement like canadian pizza and a hamburger - this sauce did not knock my socks off in either application. I had high hopes for this one but save trying on pasta today I am guessing I wont buy this again.

Rich Limoges (Windsor, CA)
Very Tasty

Love the flavour, but the wax over the cap is pretty annoying.