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Kultivar Batch #11 - Moruga Scorpion & Citrus Hot Sauce

November 26, 2018

   I’ve never enjoyed a citrus-based hot sauce quite like Kultivar Batch #11 - Moruga Scorpion & Citrus Hot Sauce. This is the third sauce in the five-product lineup by Ontarian hot sauce makers Kultivar & Co. To be honest it’s rather addictive given that it has a certain subtle complexity to it. With its bright citrusy taste, light sweetness and balanced heat, right off the bat I would highly recommend you come give it a try at one of our store locations! Also check out my review for their Kultivar Batch #12 – Ghost Pepper & Molasses if you’d like to know more about this other delicious sauce!

   The ingredients in this one makes for a very balanced flavour profile that is tangy, earthy, citrusy, and lightly sweet. Scorpion peppers are the only source of heat in this one. With its tangy, fruity, and sweet flavour, it’s one of the top hottest peppers in the world. In this hot sauce however, it’s heat is not overpowering at all. In fact, though the taste of the peppers is rather noticeable, the heat is tamer than one might expect! This makes for a sauce that could more easily be enjoyed by those only comfortable with the heat-level of habanero-based hot sauces. The citrus in this product is a mix. The specific fruits are not indicated in the ingredients, but my best guess is that it’s a mix of lemon and orange. The citrusy tang really brings everything together so perfectly. The garlic zing is very present in the sauce. It’s an ingredient that pretty much everyone can appreciate, with the amount of garlic in this recipe being just right. Tomatoes add a light acidity and sweetness while the water ensures a more liquid consistency. Vinegar not only helps to preserve the sauce, but also adds the tang that we’ve grown accustomed to in many hot sauces. Adding turmeric was a fantastic, well thought-out choice on the part of the sauce makers. The earthy, pungent, and lightly bitter taste of this spice greatly complements the taste of the peppers, citrus, garlic, and everything else! Ginger is another ingredient that perfects this sauce. Its zesty and aromatic flavour is pretty noticeable, adding to the fresh quality of this product. The onion adds a bit of sweetness while the xanthan gum, a thickening agent found in many hot sauces, allows it to reach the desired consistency. I’m not quite sure what the other spices could be, but they definitely fit well with the turmeric.

   In terms of heat I would give this one a 5 out 10. It’s got enough heat that I wouldn’t recommend it to those who can only handle mild sauces, unless they want to really get out of their comfort zone of course! Hardcore chile heads looking for a scorching scorpion sauce won’t find it here. The emphasis of this sauce is more on subtle flavours than on extreme heat. I will say though that the heat-level of this one should be elevated enough that chile heads who enjoy habanero or scotch bonnet sauces should be able to enjoy it a lot. If any of you who are at this level of spice tolerance are curious about superhot sauces, you will be pleasantly surprised by Kultivar Batch #11!

   Enjoy this sauce as a dip, marinade, or glaze for seafood, pork, beef, or chicken dishes! It really goes so well on just about anything. Add a spoon in your favourite rice or noodle dishes, sandwiches, potato salads, roasted veggies, and more! It’s also amazing in soups: every kind from chicken noodle to butternut squash! It’s also very good on the side with Indian curries! Because of its light flavour, it will never overpower a dish with its taste or heat level, unless you use half the bottle of course!

Come by one of our store locations and give Kultivar Batch #11 - Moruga Scorpion & Citrus Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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