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I Dare You Stupit. Salsa by Puckerbutt

June 07, 2017

      This salsa is by far the hottest non-pepper-extract-based salsa I’ve ever enjoyed. Not only is it scorching hot, it maintains a great flavour at the same time. I have always preferred salsas that are not very sweet. This salsa, though it does have some sugar, gets most of the sweetness  from the tomatoes. The natural heat of the Carolina Reaper peppers  (currently the world’s hottest pepper) is quite present in this salsa which  is why it is my favourite salsa of the extreme-heat variety. The pepper  itself has a fruity taste to it, something that is noticeable to anyone who has ever tried it fresh or dried.

     You can use this salsa the same way you would use any other salsa, while of course keeping in mind the extreme heat that it contains! This being said, use it in smaller doses. Many people use salsa quite simply: as a refreshing mix to scoop your tortillas chips in. There are other uses though that you may not have thought of. Put a couple of dollops on nachos, mac n’ cheese, mix it with mayo to make a spicy dip, stir into scrambled eggs or omelets, put into a grilled cheese sandwich and much more! If you really like living on the spicy side of life, or are a person who gets tired of those “hot” salsas you find at the grocery store, this “I Dare You Stupit.” Salsa is great for you. Use sparingly!

Puckerbutt Pepper Company, founded by Ed Currie (creator of the Carolina Reaper) has a great number of amazing products worth looking into. Not only do they make hot sauce and salsa, they also produce purees, hot pepper seeds, and even Reaper beef jerky! We offer many of their products online and at our storefronts so come check them out!

Until next time, Keep it spicy!


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