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Hellraiser Ghost Pepper Milk Chocolate

August 22, 2018

Hellraiser Ghost Pepper Milk Chocolate, manufactured by the UK-based company Grim Reaper Foods, is one hell of a chocolate bar! Not only does it have a decent kick, it carries a more complex flavour than you may think. This is not your regular spicy chocolate with cayenne powder in it. The notes of sweet orange, cinnamon, and clove, combined with the ghost pepper’s bold taste, makes for a rich flavour profile that I believe many people would appreciate, chile heads and chocolate lovers (with a good tolerance for heat) alike! If you’re a heat-seeker like myself, you should check out Grim Reaper Foods as we carry a number of their pepper extracts, hot sauces, chile-infused rapeseed oils, and chocolate bars!

This bar is made with quality ingredients which all work so well together.  The milk chocolate has that classic sweetness that many of us love, with a nice rich milky texture expected from high quality chocolate! The essential oil of sweet orange makes for nice citrusy overtones to compliment the other spices in the bar.  Cinnamon adds the spiced sweetness which I find always goes well with chocolate of any kind. The essential oil of clove adds a subtle, yet pungent sweet-bitter quality to the chocolate. The ghost pepper powder, with its slow-building, lurking flame, makes for an earthy-smoky finish that fits very well with the spices and orange.

In terms of heat I would rate this as a 5 out of 10. Given that this is a sugary milk-based product, the other ingredients help to bring down the heat of the ghost pepper. The essential oils and spices are able to shine through before the slow burn sets in. To my understanding, Grim Reaper Foods did not set out to make a ridiculously spicy chocolate bar that would break world records and make youtubers cry like babies. They wanted to create an enjoyable product with a unique flavour profile, while showcasing the flavour of the ghost pepper. This bar is hot enough that I wouldn’t recommend beginners to take a big bite into but would suggest it to chocolate lovers with a good heat tolerance. For those not used to eating fresh or dried chiles, whether in chocolate or not, this product could easily be a 7 or 8 out of 10. As I say with any spicy product, it’s all about the amount you eat at a time and what you eat it with. One piece of this chocolate bar melted and drizzled onto a muffin or doughnut shouldn’t hurt too much…as long as you have your trusty glass of milk by your side!

There are many ways you could enjoy Hellraiser Ghost Pepper Milk Chocolate.  Other than eating it on its own one piece at a time, you can use it as a substitute for regular chocolate in all your favourite desserts or sweet snacks. Melt it to make a spicy drizzle on pancakes, doughnuts, crepes, waffles, ice cream, frozen yoghurt, and more. Add it to a cake or brownie mix, and even in some homemade icing! Try it out in smores, milkshakes, chocolate smoothies, and lattes too! I have tried it in a few of these different mixes and I definitely can vouch for it. Though it has a pretty decent heat and I wouldn’t recommend it for beginners. No matter what you add it to, melted or not, the flavour and heat are very well retained.

If you’re a fan of milk chocolate with unique ingredients and love feeling the burn, this is a product for you! We sometimes have samples for our customers to try at our store locations, so why not come on down!

As always, Keep it spicy!

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