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Hellboy Anung Un Rama Hot Sauce

April 23, 2019

   Hellboy Anung Un Rama Hot Sauce is part of the licensed Hellboy 2019 movie sauce lineup by Hellfire Hot Sauce!  It has a garlicky, tangy, spiced, and lightly fruity flavour profile. It’s got loads of heat but also loads of flavour to match it! As the label clearly states, it’s “the stuff that demons are raised on.” This made me laugh pretty hard. I love how self-aware Hellfire is about their products and how they should be taken seriously by those who want a good burn. I don’t see myself ever being disappointed by any of their products. I am always impressed how their sauces amaze me with their flavours while simultaneously crying from the heat. I’m going to flat-out recommend Hellboy Anung Un Rama to anyone who either already loves Hellfire’s products or is looking for some serious heat! This sauce also makes for a great introduction to Hellfire’s whole lineup!

   Distilled vinegar helps preserve the product all the while adding a mild tang. I’ve never had issues with any of the Hellfire sauces being too vinegary. This is a testament to the fact that they consistently do a great job at balancing out all the ingredients and knowing which flavours best complement the fresh taste of hot peppers! Cayenne peppers, with their warm bite, are the peppers most used in this sauce. They have a mild-medium heat, and their lower heat level compared to the other superhot peppers in the mix helps bring down the heat of the sauce overall. Water helps to balance out the ingredients as well as the consistency of the sauce while the garlic has a nice robust, spicy flavour. The sun-dried tomatoes fit perfectly with the other ingredients as they provide some sweetness and tang. The other peppers used in Anung Un Rama are Ghost peppers, red 7 Pot Primo peppers, red Habanero peppers, red Jalapenos, and Trinidad Scorpion peppers. These all have some SERIOUS heat and it shows! Overall, they make for a fruity and floral flavour profile. These peppers are greatly complemented by the other ingredients in the sauce. Cilantro and its fresh citrusy-herby taste fits in so well with the peppers and spices. Cumin and curry powder add that delicious spiced element into the mix. Onions also mix in some sweetness, while also complementing the taste of the spices. Lemon and lime juice make for a nice, citrusy, quality in the sauce, with a noticeable tang being very appropriate given the overall flavour profile. Salt ensures that there is the perfect amount of saltiness to enhance the taste of all the ingredients.

In terms of heat I would give it a solid 8 out of 10. For me it’s got some strong heat, though I have grown accustomed to a number of different sauces at this heat level, so I use them pretty liberally on all of my food. It’s not quite as hot as Fiery Fool, Fear This, or Hellboy Extreme Hot Sauce in my opinion, but should still be used rather modestly. I would highly recommend Hellboy Anung Un Rama to anyone who wants a superhot sauce with a nice tangy, fresh, and garlicky flavour. If you’re a beginner chile head and are afraid of habanero hot sauces, at this point I would avoid this one… at least until you build up more of a tolerance!

   Add Anung Un Rama to your curry dishes, nachos, tacos, stir fries, wing sauces, marinades, pasta, meatballs, Bloody Marys, chilis, and more! Add a few drops to a salsa that’s not hot enough! Its tangy, spiced, and fresh flavour can be paired in small amounts with all kinds of meats, grilled veggies, and seafood! I’ve also enjoyed it in my hummus and guacamole. Given that the sauce has a nice garlicky flavour, it makes sense that it would pair well with these! Use your imagination! Just keep in mind the strong HEAT!

   Come by one of our store locations and give Hellboy Anung Un Rama Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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