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Gator Hammock Lethal Gator Hot Sauce

June 27, 2019

   Gator Hammock is a company from Felda, Florida and since 1989, founder Buddy Taylor has been making delicious, high-quality products. These products are hand-made with all-natural ingredients in order to keep the freshest taste possible! Nearly all his products have earned awards and Buddy has even been featured on the Food Network’s "Food Finds of the Everglades!” His company not only makes hot sauce, but spice rubs, barbecue sauce, and mustard!

   With its fresh blend of a variety of different peppers, along with other classic Louisiana ingredients, the taste of Gator Hammock Lethal Gator is complex. It’s tangy, savoury, and spiced. This makes for a delicious flavour profile that I’m sure almost all of you would enjoy! Louisiana style hot sauce, which is comprised of aged cayenne peppers, distilled vinegar, salt, and xanthan gum works as the base to which all the other ingredients are added. As you can tell from what’s in it, it’s the classic mix! Distilled vinegar also preserves the sauce, adding a rather distinguishable tang. Red habanero peppers, red scotch bonnet peppers, jalapeno peppers, cayenne peppers, as well as crushed red pepper are all in the sauce. Talk about a big variety! This makes for a rather complex pepper flavour which I would best describe as a bit fruity, citrusy, and floral. Water balances out the acidity, saltiness, and consistency of the sauce while the granulated garlic and fresh garlic give this sauce a great zingy flavour. The mildly prominent garlic taste, for me, completes this sauce. Key lime juice also adds a bit of citrusy tang to complement the vinegar and peppers while the salt, along with black pepper and celery seed make this a perfectly seasoned product. The onion powder also adds a lightly sweet savouriness.

   Though I wouldn’t call it a lethal hot sauce, it’s got a pretty decent heat level that one would hope to get from one made with habaneros and scotch bonnets. I would therefore give this one a 5 out of 10 in terms of spiciness. I would recommend it to all of you who enjoy the tangy flavour of Louisiana-style hot sauces with an extra jolt of heat. So, if you can at least kind of handle the heat of the peppers in the sauce, this one should be enjoyable for you as well as your chile head friends and family!

   Enjoy Lethal Gator with Southern U.S., Mexican, and Tex-Mex dishes! It’s got the kind of flavour that can complement so many different cuisines and meals. Add some to your fried chicken, tacos, tofu, rice and beans, slow-cooked meats, seafood boils, fried fish, fajitas, sautéed shrimp or scallops, ham and cheese sandwiches, grilled chicken, slow-cooked black-eyed peas, hummus, veggies, and more!

   Come by one of our store locations and give Gator Hammock Lethal Gator Hot Sauce a try! Don’t worry, it’s not actually lethal!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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Took a long time ...

Bought this in May 2019 , looked for some time too find a salt base hot sauce. Love this ,love this , love this … Use on everything on the Barbecue and then some ;0) Even the misses love this condiment. Very flavourable with a comfortable amount of heat !!! Thank you Sucklebusters !

Great Sauce

This sauce is excellent on wraps or in sandwiches. Love the layered taste and the heat!!

I put that stuff on everything! (To borrow from a commercial lol)

I had this when I used to live in Louisiana. It was just coming out on the market and our family became addicted to it. 30 years later we are still using it. This is the only place in Canada that we have found that sells it. So grateful to find it here. It seriously goes on almost everything. Whenever I introduce it to friends. They in turn love it. You just can't go wrong with it in my opinion. Please keep stocking this 'must have' item. Thank you!

Best tasting hot sauce

This is the best tasting hot sauce I've ever had. Not as hot as advertised, but there is a mild kick to it.

Amazing sauce

By far the best tasting product I’ve tried from them. Much better than the Collectors Edition.