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Flame Of Thrones Hot Sauce

August 09, 2017

Hot SauceFor all you Game of Thrones fans out there, be sure to check out Flame of Thrones, a sword-and-sorcery-inspired hot sauce.  If you need a good spice kick in your life, this fiery Scorpion pepper sauce, which complements its Scorpion and Red Habanero heat with notes of mustard, garlic, onions, cumin and turmeric, is an epic must try!

True to its name, this sauce is quite hot. It holds a steady heat and is several degrees hotter than most hot sauces on the market. Yet compared to the variety of other Scorpion pepper sauces available at Chilly Chiles – ranging from the straight up flavour of the pepper, to the smoky, or even fruity – the Flame of Thrones is not the hottest, but still has a nice burn and complex flavour.

For a Scorpion pepper sauce, it has a unique flavour profile that strikes a nice balance between flavour and heat. Just a small drizzle works its magic as a grilling sauce or marinade for any type of meat, fish or seafood. Add it to wing sauces, barbecue sauces, or any food to which you’d like to add a garlicky, slightly mustardy kick.

Just a splash of Flame of Thrones is all you need to breathe some fire into your favourite Mexican, Chinese, Thai, or Indian dishes, to name but a few, since a little flame goes a long way!

Until next time... keep it spicy!


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