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DA BOMB Ghost Pepper Nuts

July 12, 2017

    Let’s get right to the point: DA BOMB Ghost Pepper Nuts are scorching hot peanuts that reward your taste buds with a delicious burst of spicy, peanut flavour! With a quick glance at the ingredients list it's easy to see why DA BOMB packs a punch on the flavour front, as the peanuts are seasoned with more than just ghost chili pepper. Some of the other key ingredients are salt, habanero pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, extractives of paprika and natural smoke flavour. The subtle garlicky and smoky undertones of the seasoning help carry the natural earthy flavour of the ghost chili so that when savouring these peanuts, you’ll notice the flavour profile is taken to a whole new dimension when the heat kicks in. If you get a real charge out of the level of heat that these peanuts deliver, you’ll love adding them to your culinary creations!

     One of my favourite ways to incorporate DA BOMB Ghost Pepper Nuts into my cooking is in any number of Pad Thai recipes. I simply crush the peanuts and put them in to the mix at the end. You can also add these peanuts (either whole or crushed) to salads, stir-fries, peanut butter cookies, or even banana bread – the possibilities are only limited to your culinary imagination!

     If you’re curious about DA BOMB Ghost Pepper Nuts, just drop by any of our locations, where samples are always available for a taste sensation! Often people are very responsive to the flavour and the heat.

     Below is a photo of one of my favourite Pad Thai recipes: Chicken Pad Thai with DA BOMB Spicy Ghost Pepper Nuts. It’s a traditional recipe with a peanut sauce base. Once you’ve made the dish, simply crush some of these seasoned peanuts and sprinkle on top to garnish, just before serving. For starters, I suggest using about a quarter cup’s worth and gradually increasing the amount according to desired taste and heat level. The recipe can be found by clicking here, or under the “Recipes” section of our website. Hope you enjoy making this recipe and creating some of your own with DA BOMB Spicy Ghost Pepper Nuts!

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