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Char Man Brand Original Hot Sauce

November 22, 2019

   Char Man Brand is a hot sauce manufacturer from Ojai, California and they’ve got a very solid lineup of three delicious hot sauces. Original Hot Sauce is a 2017 Scovie Award Winner along with the other two. It really comes as no surprise to me given that I really have enjoyed it in so many ways! Right off the bat I’m going to say if you like the taste of Habanero peppers… TRY IT! Continue through this review if you feel like you need more convincing… or if you’re simply curious! Also be sure to check out my review for Char Man Brand Verde Hot Sauce if you want to learn more about the company and their lineup of products! They’re all really tasty and worth trying out!

   This is a smoky, bold, and citrusy hot sauce with a good amount of fresh heat. Distilled vinegar preserves the sauce while adding a bit of a tang. Fire-roasted Habanero and mild Guero peppers are a great combination, adding smoky, citrusy, and sweet notes. The chili paste, which I can assume is something close to Sambal Oelek, the classic Asian-inspired paste, adds some tanginess and mild heat into the mix. Cane sugar adds a modest amount of sweetness, with the carrots contributing to this sweet touch and helping to give the sauce a thicker consistency. Lemon juice adds a nice citrusy tang to complement the peppers while the dried onion and garlic really complete the product, adding a more full-bodied taste. Salt ensures that the product is the furthest thing from bland, as it always does!

   In terms of heat I would give it a solid 5 out of 10. It’s got the level of spice one would expect to find in a Habanero-based hot sauce. I’d honestly say everyone, hardcore chile head or beginner, should give this one a try. It should be hot enough that those of you who only enjoy Jalapeno or Cayenne-based hot sauces can be pushed beyond your comfort zone. You can be sure to try something new without too much worry. My chile head friends will also appreciate the solid amount of heat and super fresh taste. Thinking of all the times I’ve had my friends try this one, no one has ever been disappointed!

   Add some Char Man to your favourite seafood, pork, chicken, or beef marinades. I really mean it when I say it’s one hell of a versatile product. It works with not only Mexican or Tex-Mex food, but also with Indian, Chinese, and Japanese food to name a few.  It’s simply delicious with any kind of rice, roasted veggies, subs, creamy pasta, salads, and more! Add some to your mayo, sour cream, tartar sauce, mustard, or hummus for a fresh-tasting, zesty dip! I’ve tried it with all of the above and it really blends in well! Feel free to add as much or as little as you want. What I always tell people is that it’s always best to start with a bit on your plate, see how the flavour and heat balance out with the dish, and then add more if you feel like it!

   Come by one of our store locations and give Char Man Brand Original Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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