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Cajohn’s Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce

April 18, 2018

Cajohn's Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce   Cajohn’s Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce is powerfully hot and flavourful. The main ingredient in this sauce is the Fatalii chile. Originating in the central and southern regions of Africa, the Fatalii, also known as the Devil’s Tongue, is known for its great flavour. It has a sweet, fruity, and citrusy taste with a scorching heat range of 125,000 - 325,000 Scoville Units, ranking it approximately between the heat of a Scotch Bonnet and Habanero pepper.

                                   The Fatalii chiles carry the heat and main citrusy-fruity element of taste in the sauce while the Caribe Chile from New Mexico provides a mild bite to slightly balance out the heat of the sauce. The vinegar, as it does with other hot sauces, not only acts as a natural preservative but adds to the tang and pungency of the sauce. The garlic and onion in the sauce is only slightly noticeable but nevertheless adding to the overall fresh flavour. The black pepper adds a subtle sharp taste which makes for a nice contrast to the Fatalii chile flavour. There is also a select blend of dehydrated vegetables in this sauce, but I don’t really taste them. They most likely serve to lightly complement the onion and garlic. This is a pretty thick sauce. It has a consistency that is similar to a puree due to the high percentage of peppers in each bottle, making this a blistering hot sauce.

   In terms of heat I would give this sauce a solid 7 out of 10. It’s hot enough that even seasoned chile heads will definitely feel the burn! I would still recommend this product for those just getting into hot sauce as long as it’s used modestly in recipes or dips. The heat and flavour of this sauce can still be appreciated as long as you don’t use too much at a time!

   Because of the sheer strength of this sauce, I would recommend it be used more as a food additive than a pure dip unless you really want to get the full flavour and the sweltering heat that follows! Fatalii Fire works magic in Indian, African, South American, and Mexican dishes that need an extra jolt of heat. It’s great in curries, chilis, soups, stews, marinades for chicken, beef, fish, and more. Enjoy it mixed with mustard and mayo for a deliciously fiery dip or spread on sandwiches and burgers! If you want to heat things up a notch in the kitchen and love the idea of a fresh, natural, and citrusy flavour to complement your spicy dishes, then this sauce is definitely a must-have!

 Come by one of our store locations and give Cajohn’s Fatalii Fire Hot Sauce a try!

 As always, Keep it spicy!


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This one's got some stang!

Adoboloco Hamajang hot sauce hits hard with the ghost pepper but has some delightful notes with apple cider vinegar and garlic. It will come for your throat first and then stick around in your mouth and on your lips longer than you might expect. Might make a killer marinade for chicken or pork, because it is super thin, not a thick sauce but tread lightly... This sauce seems like it's no big deal, but it kind of is!!

slap ya mama

favourite spice, and Chilly Chiles shipped my order so quickly... awesome. Cant wait to buy more, sharing the love on fb

Stupendously good flavor!

Grabbed a bottle today. This sauce probably sets the upper limit for what is truly delicious and almost but not quite unbearably hot. The flavor of these four superhots combined is bloody delicious. Nice and vinegary too, this will be for sure my new 'on eggs' sauce for some time to come. It lights you up but doesn't keep you hurting. Much. ;) I love this sauce. I love this store. Thank you Chilly Chiles for everything!

Best store ever

One of the best places to do business. Super fast and friendly service


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