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Burns & McCoy La Especia Rojo Hot Sauce

June 05, 2019

   La Especia Rojo is absolutely delicious. It’s got the kind of flavour you’d hope to find in a Mexican-style hot sauce with a mellow, medium heat. This one stands out most for its combination of very flavourful ingredients that perfectly complement each other. As I’ve said in the past, one of the many things I love about Burns & McCoy is how they use interesting, high-quality ingredients that truly work together; they provide products of artisanal quality which give you exactly what you want in the flavour department. These sauces, in my experience, have often times even surpassed my expectations. If you’d like to learn more about the company and products in their lineup we offer here at Chilly Chiles, check out my other reviews of Burns & McCoy Exitium, Exhorresco, and Devorandum!

The lightly smoky, sweet, tart, earthy, and spiced flavour of this sauce makes it the perfect companion for almost any meal! The distilled vinegar preserves the sauce with a light tang while the roasted red peppers and fire-roasted tomatoes bring some sweetness and smokiness. Water balances out the consistency of the sauce while citric acid adds some tanginess while also acting as a natural preservative. Pomegranate juice brings a unique sweet and tart taste into the mix which I really like. Guajillo, De Arbol, and Pequin chiles are the classic Mexican chiles in the sauce that bring a mild heat and citrusy, smoky flavour. The fresh garlic adds a noticeable zing one would hope to find in a sauce of this type. Roasted pepitas, which are basically roasted pumpkin seeds, add a light nutty flavour to complement the spices and peppers. The spices are pretty present in this one. I’m pretty sure part of the spice mix includes cumin and ground coriander seeds. These are the perfect, classic choices in any Mexican sauce or marinade!

In terms of heat, I would give this one a 2 out of 10. I find it very mild. For the average chile head and even beginning hot sauce lover, it would most likely be mild too. In this case then, I would recommend this sauce to anyone and everyone who loves a bold Mexican flavour! If you’re also a fan of Cholula, Tapatio, or Gringo Bandito, you absolutely NEED to give this one a try!

As much as this is a Mexican-style hot sauce, its uses go beyond adding it to your favourite Mexican foods such as tacos, enchiladas, nachos, quesadillas, chili, burritos, tamales, huevos rancheros, and burrito bowls. It’s such a versatile product that it not only works as a very flavourful marinade for your favourite meats, veggies, and seafood, it’s also great enjoyed in simple ways as a table sauce. Add it to your eggs, breakfast sandwiches, hash browns, ceviche, rice dishes, wings, soups, and more! If you’re a fan of the sauces I’ve mentioned above and are looking for something a little more unique, then this sauce is the one for you!

Come by one of our store locations and give Burns & McCoy La Especia Rojo Hot Sauce a try! It’s really worth it!

As always, keep it picante!


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They are right, this is hot...but no burned rubber taste!

I love the fact that it doesn't have extract. Taste wise, it has many layers, very good.

Great Gift!

I purchased this as a father's day gift for my hot sauce loving husband. He really enjoyed it. The flavor is delicious and there is plenty of heat that continues to intensify for some time. The box and spoon were a nice touch. He def recommends!

Best hot sauce I've ever had

The label really doesn't lie.

Happy mission

Bought more for my wife. She’s in love with this sauce. Finally I can keep her happy!!