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Burns & McCoy Exitium Hot Sauce

February 12, 2019

Burns & McCoy Exitium Hot Sauce, in my humble opinion, is the preeminent tropical fruit-based super hot sauce on the market today. Period. It’s simply delicious given that the sauce makers have perfectly balanced all the fresh flavours in the mix. Before having tried it a few years back, I had never thought that a sauce could have such a fruity flavour profile while also having a pretty good burn. This was one of the first products that made me realize that this balance was possible in a super-hot sauce. Its sweet, tangy, savoury and fruity elements make it not only aromatic, but simply delicious. It’s also vegan and gluten-free, making it accessible to all kinds of tastes! If you love the taste of pineapple and can handle the heat well, this one is HANDS DOWN a must-purchase for you!

I’ve been a fan of Burns & McCoy’s products for years now and have never once been disappointed. If you love hot sauces in general, you need to check out their products, which we offer online and in-store! You’re bound to find one (or more) that catch your eye! Also, check out my other review of Burns & McCoy’s Exhorresco Hot Sauce!

Pineapple and pineapple juice are what really carry the tropical-fruity taste of this sauce. Its distinct sweet and tart flavour is the first thing you’ll notice upon tasting. That pleasing taste will last for some time while the heat of the peppers slowly set in. The combination of the Moruga Scorpion pepper, Bhut Jolokia pepper, Trinidad 7 pot pepper and Fatalii pepper make for one hell of a sting. These peppers all bring a lightly fruity, sweet and citrusy flavour, greatly complementing all the other ingredients. Yellow bell pepper adds some more of that nice yellow colour, while also helping balance out the acidity level and sweetness given that it has a high water content. Rice vinegar is an interesting and very fitting addition to the sauce. This kind of vinegar is much less sour and harsh-tasting than regular white vinegar given that rice vinegar is much sweeter and more delicate. Agave nectar, being slightly sweeter than sugar and similar to a light honey, brings some extra sweetness into the mix. Shallots add some light, slightly sweet zingy notes. This ingredient serves as the garlic/onion element in the sauce and it’s a great choice. The pungent and spicy ginger taste is also quite subtle, but very appropriate! Of course, sea salt and spices ensure that the sauce is well-seasoned.

In terms of heat I would give this one a 7 out of 10. It has a really enjoyable burn that creeps up on you! Anyone who enjoys the taste of pineapple and can handle the hotter habanero-based hot sauces should give this one a shot. As stated above, the tropical fruity flavour will hit you right away, and then gradually as the sweetness fades the heat will rise, rise, and rise! I urge you all to not underestimate the heat of this sauce. Even though I may not find it one of the top hottest super hot sauces on the market, it’s definitely among the hottest fruit-based hot sauces I’ve ever enjoyed. So, watch out!

Enjoy Exitium in your salads, smoothies, stir fries, tacos, shrimp, grilled pork chops, curries, sandwiches, chicken skewers, and grilled salmon! It’s actually delicious in your ice cream, pudding, and frozen yogurt, not even kidding! Get creative with it! Any dish that could use a sweet tropical kick calls for this sauce!

Come by one of our store locations and give Burns & McCoy Exitium Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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Slightly warm

No doubt about it this stuff is hot which is surprising, considering I eat the last dab redux on a daily basis. Same with hellfire fear this, I feel that da bomb final answer is way hotter than both of those. But it tastes disgusting.

Los Calientes

It's the most pleasureful pain I've ever experienced. And I'll do it over and over.

Nice Salsa

Don't buy any, save it all for me!

Still the best

I was there at the old Red Fox liars table when you first introduced this stuff , I am 74 now and still think it is the best in North America, had a feed tonight for supper with my Keith's and wings thanks for the best sauce around and thanks for all the great memories at the Fox

Taste is good, but no heat

Great flavor but I'd rate the heat more like a 2/10