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Burns & McCoy Devorandum Hot Sauce

April 03, 2019

   Devorandum is a unique-tasting hot sauce that every serious chile-head NEEDS to try. It has intense heat and a pleasant flavour, one of my favourite, yet deadly combinations. This is the case because the delicious taste makes me continually want more and more until I realize I’m experiencing tears of joy. One of the things I love about Burns & McCoy is how they use interesting and high-quality ingredients in making sauces that are truly artisanal and gourmet. If you’d like to learn more about the company and products in their lineup, check out my other reviews of Burns & McCoy Exiitum and Exhorresco! They are excellent sauces that you should definitely consider trying at our store locations… if you’re brave enough of course.

   The flavour profile of this sauce is lightly sweet, tart, citrusy, and mildly fruity. Scorpion pepper and Reaper pepper bring a strong heat with fruity-floral notes. The tart cherries, dried cherries, and tart cherry juice add the sweet, fruity, and tart flavour that are all actually rather subtle. There’s not enough of these cherry ingredients for me to say this is a very sweet sauce, but it’s definitely noticeable, and pleasant! Rice vinegar naturally preserves the sauce with its sour and delicate flavour. Fresh shallots add some texture while the port wine, with its rich and savoury taste, makes for an extra sweet touch. Orange blossom honey and pure cane sugar syrup also bring some light sweet notes. Fresh lemon juice adds a citrusy quality to complement the taste of the peppers and the sweetness of the honey and syrup. Sea salt and Black Lampong peppercorns ensure that the sauce is well-seasoned, with the peppercorns being a very interesting choice. These Indonesian peppercorns initially have a unique bright and fruity flavour which follows with some spicy notes.

   In terms of heat I would give this one an 8 out of 10. With the scorpion and reaper at the top of the ingredients list, you can tell this is a HOT one. Use with caution! I would only recommend this sauce to those who can at least handle the heat of habanero-based hot sauces pretty well. Even if you’re a hardcore heat-seeker, use this sauce sparingly!

   Enjoy Devorandum with your spice mixes or marinades for chicken, pork chops, tenderloin, steak, shrimp, lamb, and tuna or salmon. I’ve also had it in my sandwiches, salads, stews, ramen, and fried rice. It’s definitely also worth trying mixed with hummus, mayo, tahini, or sour cream.

   Come by one of our store locations and give Burns & McCoy Devorandum Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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