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Blair’s Jalapeno Death Sauce Hot Sauce

September 21, 2018

Blair’s Death Sauces by Extreme Foods is a classic lineup of products that have been around for what feels like ages. I’ve enjoyed nearly the whole lineup and have never been disappointed! Their superhot sauces are EXTREME, so let’s just say you get what you pay for! These are some of the most popular sauces on the market, and in good reason! They make such a wide variety of products and have all stood the test of time. Whether you’re familiar with them or not, have a look at their products that we offer here at Chilly Chiles!

Blair’s Jalapeno Death Sauce Hot Sauce is a unique and high-quality product, making it among my favourite verde-style sauces on the market today. The use of tequila and green habanero in this sauce is one of the main things that makes it stand out from other products of this kind. The flavour profile is tangy, fresh, zingy, and a tad sweet. It’s also mildly hot, making it highly accessible to all the chile heads out there!

Water is the first ingredient, which can tend to get a bad rap for just “watering down” sauces, but for me the validity of this criticism depends on the context in which the water is used. In this case, it’s an appropriate ingredient to have, as pretty much all verde-style sauces are traditionally more liquid than other, more thick hot sauces. Jalapenos and green habaneros are the chilies that bring the heat in this sauce, with a subtle combination of fruity and citrusy notes, they add some delicious fresh heat. Tomatillos, the classic ingredient in verde, has a tart, fruity, and slightly herbal flavour. To complement this ingredient we also have cilantro, with its lightly pungent earthiness. Fresh garlic and onions add a sweet zing which add some body and boldness to the flavour profile. Cane vinegar provides a mellow tang one would expect from a vinegar, with the mild sweetness of the shallots. Cane sugar of course adds more sweetness, but not too much. It’s a kind of light sweetness that you only notice towards the end upon tasting. Lime juice adds a citrusy sourness and slight bitterness that is the perfect addition to any verde. The black pepper is not quite noticeable, but it ensures that the sauce is well seasoned. The olive oil adds some fruitiness and helps with providing not only a fresh flavour but also the ideal consistency. There is also Xanthan gum, a thickening agent found in numerous hot sauces on the market, and Ascorbic acid, which is vitamin c, also a common preservative in hot sauces. Finally, we have tequila! It complements the peppers, herbs, and vinegar with its smooth, light agave taste.

In terms of heat, I would give this sauce a 1 out of 10. I’m rather confident in saying anyone can enjoy this sauce, from beginner to seasoned chile heads. It’s mild enough that even someone who is only used to regular Tabasco or other mild hot sauces can appreciate it. Not only that, it has a flavour profile that is so accessible due to its light freshness, fragrancy, and tang. I’ve never had a friend of mine react negatively to this sauce and with the use of tequila, there’s an extra flair to it that I’m sure many are intrigued by. If the ingredients in this sauce speak to you and you consume food daily, you need to get yourself a bottle!

This sauce is awesome any time of day and for pretty much any meal! It’s perfect drizzled on eggs, oven-roasted potatoes, hash browns, in breakfast sandwiches, and on avocado toast! It goes without saying that it works fantastically in all kinds of Mexican and Tex-Mex favourites. Try it in your fish tacos (and all other kinds of tacos, you won’t regret it trust me), burritos, enchiladas, chilaquiles, rice and bean dishes, and nachos to name a few. Jalapeno Death makes for a great addition to your salads, chicken or beef brochettes, scallops, chicken or vegetable soups, on a cheeseburger or veggie burger, on top of pork tenderloin and more!

Come by one of our store locations and give Blair’s Jalapeno Death Sauce Hot Sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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Awesome Sauce and Amazing Service!

Everything was perfect! Ordering, delivery and the final product!

Awesome saices

My husband loves the mustard and bbq sauce. You are the only place we could find it!

Roasted pineapple habanero dip

This dip/jelly is the best I’ve ever eaten. I highly recommend this to everyone if you like a little heat! Fabulous on smoked cheddar and crackers and burgers too ! The list goes on

Best sauce in the game

the best sauce, the perfect balance of flavours and kick, a slight tex-mex flavour but that also doesnt have too big of a flavour profile to not go on asian dishes etc. This sauce goes amazing on everything!! (EVEN ICE CREAM!) Seriously, I've tried every popular hot sauce on the market, from tabasco to pain 100 passing by sriracha and Blair's Mega Death, AND THIS IS THE WINNER! Will never get tired of this sauce, Secret Aardvark has made a loyal customer, and so has Chilly Chiles! (If youre reading this review and live in canada buy from chilly chiles!! they have amazing shipping, the best prices i have found and much more.)

Asian Sauceee

Great sauce, amazing flavour and just the right amount of kick, it would be amazing in ramen, on grilled pork and most thai/viet/chinese dishes, i think its a little tiny bit too sweet though, still very enjoyable though.