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Bigfat’s 308 Garlic Ginger Hot Sauce

July 07, 2018

Bigfat's 3o8 Hot Sauce Bigfat’s 308 Garlic Ginger Hot Sauce is a fantastic product. It’s by far in my top favourite garlic or ginger based hot sauces. I can honestly say this is the first sauce I’ve ever tasted that gave me prominent notes of ginger and garlic combined in such a way that complements the flavour and heat of the habanero. Some hot sauces, including habanero-based ones, hit you right away with a tang, or big wave of heat, whereas this sauce offers an immediate freshness and zing from those two main aforementioned ingredients. This is part of what makes this quite a unique sauce. Not only that, like all Bigfat’s products, it’s all-natural, and free of artificial additives or preservatives.

    The zingy combination of garlic and ginger makes for a very fresh, and fragrant sauce. The ginger however has a slightly stronger, immediate flavour upon initial tasting. The carrots and onions add a subtle sweetness, while the lemongrass provides a subtle citrus flavour. The red habanero mash, with its citrusy, smoky notes, brings all the heat to this hot sauce. The distilled vinegar of course provides the tang and pungency, and the spices provide some extra flavours which I did not pick up on. These flavour combinations make this product great on pretty much anything!

   In terms of heat I would give this sauce a 3 out of 10. Even though it’s a habanero-based sauce, the other ingredients help to bring down the heat a bit. I would highly recommend this sauce to hardcore chile heads like myself, those who like a medium-heat, or those who want to progress from being able to tolerate jalapeno-based sauces to habanero-based ones. This is a great pick given that it’s rather mild for a habanero hot sauce.

   The uses for Bigfat’s 308 are manifold. What makes this sauce unique compared to many other sauces is that, as with other products in this lineup, it was created with culinary intentions in mind. This sauce literally screams: stir-fry, soup, noodles, rice, marinade, mayo, and more! Any meal that you are preparing which could use an extra fragrant, tropical kick could benefit from this sauce. Bigfat’s 308 can be put to good use in preparing a meat or fish marinade if you want your meal to pack a flavourful, exotic-tasting punch. Use it as a dipping sauce for fries, pizza, veggies, and It also works great in tacos, grilled vegetables, burritos, and sandwiches.

   I highly recommend that you give a try to the whole Bigfat’s lineup. Each of their sauces is so unique and only made with fresh, quality ingredients. If the idea of Bigfat’s 308 doesn’t appeal to you, give their other sauces a try! You will surely find one that suits your culinary or heat-seeking needs! Come by one of our store locations and give Bigfat’s 308 Garlic Ginger hot sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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