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Bhuty Thyme Hot Sauce

June 01, 2018

Bhuty Thyme Hot Sauce  If you love tomatoes, sweet salsa, or even pasta for that matter, Bhuty Thyme Hot Sauce is a product you should really give a try. I’ve never had a sauce that uses tomatoes and herbs in this way before. That is to say, this is quite a unique product which will make you rethink the different ways you can enjoy hot sauce! This is a sweet and zesty Italian-inspired sauce which has a medium heat level and savoury flavour profile. It’s a tomato-based hot sauce that has a good amount of tang, with subtle herbal notes. It’s a ghost pepper-based sauce which actually does not pack too much of a punch! The word “Bhuty” derives from the original name of the ghost pepper “Bhut Jolokia.” This was actually the first sauce I had ever tried from Voodoo Chile Sauces and Salsa, and man was I hooked from then on! This company has quite a diverse hot sauce lineup. They have everything from verde sauces to bacon-flavoured sauces and all in between!

   The tomato puree, with its sweetness and tang, is the core ingredient in this sauce. All the other ingredients revolve around it. The red wine vinegar adds to the overall pungency and tang of the sauce, another ingredient which contributes to the Italian-inspired flavour profile. The sugar adds a bit more sweetness to complement the sweet taste of the tomatoes while the Himalayan salt ensures that the sauce tastes perfectly seasoned. The ghost pepper and Thai chile powder provide a heat which, when combined with the other ingredients, is at an average level of intensity. The onion and garlic powder add some depth and zing to this sauce, making it even more reminiscent of a piquant pasta sauce. The basil, thyme, and oregano provide the delicious herb taste which, in my opinion, is at the perfect strength of flavour in relation to the other ingredients.

   I would give this sauce a 3 out of 10 for heat. It’s very mild compared to other ghost pepper-based hot sauces. I’m quite sure that even those of you just getting into hot sauce would be able to appreciate this sauce’s taste and heat-level! Enjoy this sauce in dishes that could use a tangy, tomato-y kick. Put it in salads, all kinds of pasta, chicken sandwiches, gazpacho, tacos, grits, mac n cheese, Bloody Marys, on fish, and more! It also works great simply as a dipping sauce on its own for fries, meatballs, and sautéed vegetables. It’s clear to me that this is a savoury sauce that is very culinary by nature. It’s totally worth considering if the flavour profile I’ve described speaks to you!

Come by one of our store locations and give Bhuty Thyme hot sauce a try!

As always, Keep it spicy!


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