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Black Widow Dark Chocolate

January 23, 2014

OK, so I went into this knowing I enjoyed dark chocolate and was excited, this was my second bar after having the milk chocolate variant so I was expecting something awesome.

First thought, was that it smelt way to floral and perfume like, I had the wife smell it as well and the first thing she came up with was that it smelt of bug spray, the second she said that the scent sent off a thought of Off Bug Spray and it’s all I could smell.

I tasted it and at first it came off with a taste of perfume mixed with dark chocolate and a slight warming, after my wife talked to me all I tasted was Off….HOWEVER, after the package was left to breathe for an hour or so the perfume/bug spray scent had gone away and a nice dark chocolate and smoky scent was able to be picked up.

Eating this at work that whole night after it breathed the flavour was so much better than it was on first attempt. The dark chocolate was delectable, it melted in your mouth and went down nicely, a tiny touch of heat and a touch of lemon zest.

So many ideas came to mind for this dark chocolate….and this one was the one at work that more people enjoyed as the strength of the chocolate over rode some of the heat of the ghost pepper…..

The final verdict was I loved this chocolate as well *though in my review on the first try I didn’t like it as much* I would suggest letting the package air out though to take away some of that bug spray esque scent and taste and to give you the chocolate in it’s amazing glory.

Onwards to heat,



Grim Reaper Black Widow Dark Chocolate

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Amazing products! Amazng service!

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