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Hell Raiser Milk Chocolate

January 14, 2014

Well here we go Ghost pepper gourmet chocolate how can one go wrong right? 

An amazing list of ingredients including orange and clove oils! Again who can go wrong right?

This chocolate sounded amazing, you open the package and are assailed by scents! Orange, clove and cinnamon all attack your nose, it actually is somewhat reminiscent of a Terry’s chocolate orange to put it into a perspective most might know.

This is great chocolate made so well that the stuff just melts in your mouth, it’s also so very flavourful. The orange, clove and cinnamon are all very apparent and a nice smokiness comes forth. I found it to have a very nice warming but nothing extremely hot, but then again I’m a numbskull when it comes to hot food.

I thought I’d test out my thought that anyone could handle it so I brought a piece up to the wife…she tried it….and made the most awkward face I’ve ever seen as she yelled at me to “take it take it” and went straight for a drink, on my way back to the basement to consider my thoughts I was followed by hollers of “my mouth is burning my mouth is burning, my teeth are falling out” So apparently my thought that we could all handle it was wrong…but it was a great response none the less.

This chocolate is supple, delectable and tasty…it could be used in cooking, heck it could be melted into an amazing chocolate martini…the stuff is so versatile and so good that I can’t do anything but scream it’s praise.


Onwards in heat,



Grim Reaper Hell Raiser Milk Chocolate

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2163 reviews

This sauce is different, delicious and versatile. I highly recommend it.

Great product and fast delivery!

Placed my order, super easy. Love the website. Received my package quickly and everything was great. Would recommend 100%. Over all 5 stars

The best creole seasoning!

Should have bought more as gifts

Good and Hot

Pretty hot. Heat build and stays with you for a few minutes. While the flavor is good, I find it a little plain.

Not allowed to run out of this one.

Spicy yet very flavourful. A great addition to foods. Particularly like it when added to my lunch wraps.