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Blair’s Heat Wasabi Green Tea Sauce

December 20, 2013

  • Well, doesn’t that title sound interesting? It was interesting to me that is for sure. The kicker for me was actual Wasabi Rhizomes being used in the product. That is a fact some people might overlook but for me who has never had real wasabi I was super stoked.

    ”What do you mean you’ve never had real wasabi Mr. Rhino?” You may ask and I will answer, most of the wasabi we ingest be it at a sushi restaurant or on wasabi peas is just horseradish and or mustard that is died green, and for that reason this had me super excited. 

    The ingredients list is marvellous, green tea leaves, cilantro, wasabi rhizomes, ginger, lime juice, and a few others including a compound I have never heard of before in my life, even with my chemistry background *google became my friend on this one we learnt it was a processor in processed meat like hotdogs to increase the rate in which nitrate reduces to nitric oxide thus retaining it’s pink colour (which means it’s an anti oxidant)*

    Scent, wasabi, garlic, salt, zesty jalapeno. The cilantro and lime juice mixed together well to make a very Thai like scent, which again excited me as Thai and even Americanized Thai is my favourite of Asian cuisines. Oh don’t forget the fart like smell that came from the loose leaf green tea.

    This sauce was chunky yet creamy, buttery even. However there was no heat at all, just a touch coming forth at the back of the throat. A great flavour, garlic, salt, lime juice, zesty jalapeno, ginger…it was an amazing base for a Asian Fusion guacamole…just think about it almost everything in guacamole was in this sauce!

    Food pairings this could be good for Asian cuisine, ballpark dogs, or for me sautéed rapini with garlic butter. I would not suggest this as a cooking sauce it just had to rich of a flavour with to little heat, I’d see this more as a topper after you’ve cooked.

    All in all great flavour no heat, if your looking for something interesting and different this is your choice, if your looking for a heat to taste ratio that is at all good, this is not it. I’d suggest it for sure though especially for those that want an interesting topper with no heat.

    Onwards to heat,


    Chad – The Albino Rhino

    Blair's Heat Wasabi Green Tea

    You can also check out Chad's video on the product here:

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Mad Dog 357 Hot Sauce

One of my lifetime favorite

That sauce is a must have for any hot sauce lover. Absolutly gourgious. I can't live without this sauce anymore. Great habanero chilly taste. Just enough concistency to stick on food. Good mild habanero heat. Wait no longuer and treat yourself. A masterpiece!

So this is what hell tastes like!

We ordered Da Bomb Beyond Insanity Hot Sauce for our Hot Ones Hot Wing night with some friends on May long weekend. Holy crap, does this sauce ever live up to the hype. 6 of us bit into Da Bomb coated wings and it was quite the spectacle! - let's just say if you eat Da Bomb, know you will have no shame. It is a mean hot sauce. So freaking hot, it killed us and our mouths for 20 minutes. It was crazy but well worth it! We really appreciate Chilly Chilies and your great selection and customer service. The Hamajang sauce we ordered is also delicious and packs a surprise punch. Thanks!!


This item is a must for die-hard fans, but be warned, it’s really hot! Great taste though.

Salty & Spicy

Yes. It’s salt. So it is Salty.

Sometimes you hope that the company doesn’t skimp on the secondary ingredients. I feel the secondaries can be more substantial but if this is version 1.0. Then a wee bit of improvement is standard.

Hotness - the hotness is a good amount. Wanting to make your dish hotter, you put more on and it’s just a salty mess. Let’s bring up the scovilles on this one 50K-100K.

Other: no sugar. This is excellent. It’s hard to find a hot spice mix that doesn’t involve sugar. That’s the reason I went with this one. (However some of their other ones do have sugar in them. Beware)